FaceTime vs JioMeet | Which is better?

FaceTime and JioMeet are two names we are all familiar with. Two of them are amazing apps that are quite popular for video calling.  Whether attending business meetings or calling loved ones, they provide the perfect platform to you. Therefore even during this pandemic, you can be where you are meant to be without risking your health.

But if we are to draw a comparison, how does FaceTime for pc and JioMeet fare? They are both wrestlings in a highly competitive field. With several similar apps out there why would you choose them? How are they better from one another? Hopefully, you will find answers to your questions by the end of the article.



FaceTime is a video calling app developed by Apple Inc. The application made its debut back in 2011. Since it has been a mainstay in Apple mobiles and iPads. The application is created specifically for apple devices and is incredibly simple to use. With its reliability making its one of the most popular apps out there.

Advantages of FaceTime

Video Calling Quality- The most prized asset of the app is its video calling quality. The application is peerless in providing crisp and well-defined video clarity. The application can support up to 720p of resolution during video calling. This ensures a brilliant video calling experience for the user.

Interface- FaceTime has also focused heavily on the interface of their app. Their elegant interface prioritizes aesthetic felling to improve the user experience. The users have the option to use the app in landscape or portrait mode according to their convenience. On top of that, the application also allows you to receive a call when the app is not active. It also allows you to share animoji, stickers, and live pictures with the caller. Thus providing a greater degree of intimacy in video calling experience.

Handling- The app is equally comfortable to use. It is a free app and is easy to set up. All you need to initiate a call is to provide your Apple ID. After that, you can begin a call just like you would on your iPhone or iPad. It is therefore incredibly easy to use and you can add up to 32 members in a single call. That makes FaceTime perfect for a group call as well.

Disadvantages of FaceTime

Supported Devices- Despite its many benefits exclusivity is a major drawback for the app. It is an application that is available specifically on iOS devices. So unless the user on the other side is an Apple user as well, a video call is impossible to begin. This flaw tends to bite away from the universal appeal of the app.

Data Usage- The application ensures superior video calling experience. While that is great, it has a huge data consumption rate. If used by using mobile data, the high data usage of the app is certain to wipe off a chunk from your data plan.


JioMeet is a popular video calling app that was launched by Reliance Group. The application recently made headlines when it was released. JioMeet has been touted by many as an answer to Zoom. However, it is much more than that. It is a simple to use application that allows you to host one to one as well as conference calls. But most importantly it is an app that keeps your privacy secure.

Advantages of JioMeet

Device Support- One of the highlights for JioMeet is its ability to support multi device login. This effectively means you can use up to five devices to log in. And during the call, you can choose to switch between devices almost seamlessly. The application has also introduced a new Safe Driving Mode. You can now continue your calls or meetings while you are driving as well.

Instant/Scheduled Meetings- The application is perfect for hosting official meetings. It allows the user to create an instant meeting or to schedule a future meeting in advance. An added feature of the app is that it allows up to 100 participants in a single call which can be continued for 24 hours. This is where it edges past most other video calling app.

Interface- This feature of the app has been on the news for a while. Though the interface is quite similar to Zoom it is a much better experience to use the app. What is more, the application has end to end encryption. This ensures that your data is in safe hands.

Disadvantages of JioMeet

Versatility- One of the major complaints of the user is its lack of versatility. The application has prioritized to focus on B2B calling (Business to Business). This has relegated the app to be used only for meeting purposes. While unlike FaceTime, JioMeet lacks the intimacy to host a personal call.

Data Usage- The application focuses on high speed HD video calling. While that is great for calling, it is not so good if you are using mobile data. However, the problem is not a big one if using wifi.

What to Choose- FaceTime or JioMeet?

This choice is completely up to the user. From the way the two apps are set up, they make their objectives clear. One is a app suitable for personal calls. While the other focuses more heavily on hosting professional calls. Based on your requirements you can choose whichever you prefer.